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Hello fellow fabulous athletes! I hope you’ve all been having a good week. As for me, I seem to have reclaimed a bit more enthusiasm for training. Or rather, for off-seasoning. I hate calling what I’m doing right now as “training”, since I’m sort of in a maintenance/maintain muscle tone/heal Achilles/still have a social life phase of the season.

After two weeks of feeling horribly lost in my world of “I can’t stick to my original training schedule—what am I going to do?” I decided to take matters into my own hands. You see, I’m a girl that needs structure. With structure and a schedule I am at my peak at work, at home, and during training. I get a phenomenal amount of stuff done in a day. But without structure I wander through my day, uncertain as to what to do.

So last weekend I decided on a plan for myself. Between now and when I leave on my trip (more on that later) I’m on a 2/2/2/2 plan. Each week I must get in 2 swims, 2 bike trainer workouts, 2 pool runs (hopefully transitioning to real runs soon!) and 2 strength sessions.  For now this means 4 days a week in the pool. Needless to say, I’m going through a lot of TriSwim!

So I’m one week into my “plan” and so far so good! I’ve been waking at 5 to get my butt to the pool most days (with the exception of Friday, where I stayed out way too late having fun Thursday night, overslept, and then punished myself with a 7pm swim Friday night) and I’m starting to get a hang of the pool running. There’s actually quite a fair number of pool runners in the morning. I joke that we’re the injured mafia: we all share a lane and gripe about our various injuries. The swimmers consider us the bobble-heads, since all they see are our heads bobbing across the surface of the water. Here’s a video of what we look like:

But the reality is we’re working really hard! I’ve been mixing in intervals with my pool running, typically doing a 5-10 minute warmup, then one or two laps HARD followed by one lap recovery and repeating until I get to an hour. By the end I’m sweating and out of breath. I think this is helping me get used to a faster cadence, so I’m curious to see how this will change my running once I’m back on pavement. If you’re curious about pool running, I strongly suggest you go check out this chick’s blog. It was a great resource for me!

So that’s my plan for “offseasoning.” What about you? What are you doing to maintain during the offseason?


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