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Here we are folks, yet another taper week. It feels like it was just yesterday that I was tapering for Cedar Point!  This time, however, instead of tapering for a triathlon I’m tapering for my first ultra of the season! Next Sunday, October 20, I’ll be attempting to conquer the Big Brad Ultra 50 miler up in Pownal, Maine. I’m so excited for this race and have heard wonderful things about it. It’s a small race organized by the Trail Monster Running club (based in Southern Maine) and everything I’ve read indicates it’s going to be an awesome day out on the trails.


The course itself looks fun and challenging. It starts in the dark with a 3.5 mile “guided” loop and then us 50 milers will continue with 3, 15.5 mile loops. In between each loop you pop back to the Elementary School, which serves as home base (the 50k runners with do 2 of the 15.5 mile loops). For the 50 mile race, we have 7500 feet of total elevation gain. Here’s the course map:

To be honest, I’m a bit nervous about this race since I feel like 4 solid weeks of trail running training might not be enough base to carry me through at the pace I’d like, but I’m going to give this race the good ‘ol Frayed Laces try. My training has been low mileage but consistent (for example, last week I did a total of 40 miles of road/trail running with about 6000ft of gain, plus 2 hours on the stair climber for an additional 5000ft of gain). It’s still really early in the season (HURT100 is January 18) so I’m purposefully keeping the mileage low. So we’ll see how that translates into performing on Sunday.


Regardless of the outcome, I’m excited to get up there and race with fellow ultrarunners! Right now the forecast calls for lows around 39 with rain, so it’s not going to be an ideal day. Mud, cold, less than ideal conditions? Bring it on! That’s what this sport is all about!

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  1. Amber

    Good luck! I can’t wait to hear how your first Ultra of the season goes!

  2. papalouie

    “pushing through pain” not a positive attitude. accepting the inevitable besetting discomfort and learning how to manage it is a lesson to learn. have a good time.

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