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Welcome back everyone! Did we all have a nice holiday break? In case you didn’t notice, Trainer Tuesdays took a 2 week hiatus since I knew most of you were not on your normal schedules. But now that we’ve put away the final Christmas decorations (don’t be THAT house) it’s time to get right back into the swing of things!


Trainer Tuesdays Workout #6

  • 5:00 at an easy pace
  • 6:00 drills done as 3x (1:00 right leg, 1:00 left leg)
  • 5:00 of :30 scrapes (see in notes below), :30 easy spin
  • 4:00 of low cadence (around 60 rpm), high resistance “grinding” pedaling, 1:00 rest
  • Repeat above 3 more times (total of 20 minutes of these intervals)
  • 3:00 of hard (Zone 4), fast (100 rpm) pedaling, 1:00 of easy pedaling at 80 rpm.
  • Repeat above 4 more times (total of 20 minutes of these intervals)
  • Cooldown: pedal easy for 4:00.

Total time: 60 minutes

Want an extra challenge? Cap your session off with a short and sweet 2 mile run to give yourself a quality brick workout! (I’ll be doing that this week!)

Notes: On the one-legged drills, focus on pedaling smoothly and maintaining your form. Your leg is going to want to “skip” on the hard part of the stroke (the upstroke) but that’s what you want to avoid. Try to pedal at your normal cadence. You will feel it in your core and hip flexors!

For the scrapes, you want to exaggerate your pedal upstroke. Imagine you have mud on the bottom of your heel that you’re trying to scrape off. Focus all your energy on “scraping” the upstroke and ignore the rest of your stroke during this drill.

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